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Yo! Sushi Menu Weight Watchers Smart Points

    Yo! Sushi Weight Watchers Points. Explore the Weight Watchers old Points, PointsPlus and the Newest Weight Watchers SmartPoints for the full Yo!

YO! Sushi Menu Best Choices For Weight Loss WW UK

    YO! Sushi starters & sides This popular Japanese restaurant isn’t all sushi; it also serves authentic Japanese street food. Begin your YO! Sushi feast with chicken gyoza - chicken and vegetable filled dumplings - for 4 SmartPoints (SP). Vegan or vegetarian?

Sushi: Weight Watchers Points and Calories - Best Diet Tips

    Sushi: Weight Watchers Points and Calories. BestDietTips.com. Here is Sushi points list, from worst to best, from Heidi's WW diary. SUSHI, from HIGH to LOW SMARTPOINTS. Using average sized rolls (approximate values) Dragon Roll Approximate Calories: 500 Weight Watchers Points: 16 Yikes! Shrimp Tempura Roll Approximate Calories: 480 Weight Watchers Points: 13

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    From sushi rolls to prawn katsu, serve up your very own 'fakeaway' version of the YO! Sushi menu. Add even more flavour to your meals with this 0 SmartPointsⓇ soy, ginger and chilli dressing , available on the WW Shop for £1.50 (six sachets in a pack).

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    WeightWatchers Points: 1.8, PointsPlus: 0, SmartPoints: 4 WeightWatchers Points are estimated by carbohydrates, fats, protein and fiber in product. They are not an affirmation of better quality or nutritional value of the product or its manufacturer.Brand: Yo! Sushi

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    According to the Weight Watchers book here are the points for sushi: 1 cone = 2 points 1 inari = 2 points kappa maki (cucumber roll, 4 medium pieces 3.5 cm [1 1/2″] diameter x 2cm [3/4″] thick or 6 small pieces 2.5cm [1″] diameter x 2.5cm [1″] thick) = 2 points

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    Weight Watchers and Dieters. Make note of the serving sizes for calculations. Points and Points Plus are rounded to the nearest point and based on non-official weight watcher points calculations. Please use due dilegence to ensure your own numbers match those outline in your diet.

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    May 27, 2010 · this is the points values for YO Sushi! Miso Soup (V) 1.5 Chicken Teriyaki 7 Salmon Teriyaki 5.5 Chicken Yakitori 5.5 Salmon & Asparagus Yakitori 4 Pumpkin Korroke 2 Chicken Katsu 5.5 Salmon & Aonori Katsu 6 Prawn Katsu 3.5 Chicken Katsu Curry 8.5 Takoyaki 3.5 Hairy Prawns 4 Miso Black Cod 4 Vegetable Firecracker Rice (V) 4 Seafood Rice 5

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    Oct 26, 2017 · Soups. Yo! Sushi Soups Beef Curry Ramen (per serving) – 19 Syns Yo! Sushi Soups Miso (per serving) – 3 Syns Yo! Sushi Soups Miso Dumpling Ramen (per serving) – 17.5 Syns Yo!

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