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Robot Sushi: This machine makes 700 pieces of sushi per ...
    HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- You don't need a sushi chef to make the perfect piece of sushi. The Suzumo machine makes fresh and uniform sushi rolls in …

Robot Sushi: This machine makes 700 pieces of sushi per hour
    Feb 23, 2020 · The Suzumo machine makes fresh and uniform sushi rolls in just seconds. The machines are made and manufactured in Tokyo but they've become very popular in the United States. "Finding the sushi chef...Author: KABC

What is Sushi Robot - AUTEC Sushi Robot
    Birth of Sushi Robots Sushi robots originated in Japan during the 1980’s as the country entered a new era for sushi restaurants. Traditionally, majority of Japanese customers believed sushi was a time-honored delicacy, strictly served and created by the hands of a trained sushi chef.

Sushi Robots Make Authentic Sushi Top Sushi Machines
    Jun 12, 2019 · The chefs will decide the toppings and putting the final touches of the sushi and then serve to the customers. The sushi robots can work at high speed is because it is set up to perform one single procedure over and over it. That the action has been simplified that the sushi …

Sushi Robo - #1 Sushi Machines
    Automatic Sushi Machines & Rice Cookers No other sushi machines can equal the art of making sushi by the most experienced sushi chefs than Suzumo Sushi Machines. Reliable and extremely consistent, professional sushi chefs, established restaurants and large corporations only use one brand – Suzumo.

Japan’s robot chefs aim to show how far automation can go ...
    Still, Ikki Nakahira, the Huis Ten Bosch manager who came up with the robot chef concept, says the automation technology is not advanced enough to operate the restaurant with robots alone, as was...

Sushi Robots, Machines & Rice Suzumo
    Suzumo is the original innovator of the Sushi Robot & ultimate purveyor of sushi-making, rice & Japanese cuisine machinery—designed to help your food business finally catch the big fish.

Lucky Robot Japanese Kitchen Austin, TX
    LUCKY ROBOT SAKE + KAISEKI CLUB YOU HAD ME AT SUSHI + SAKE. Join our monthly club, and get curated sake and sushi from our Sake Sommelier Lora Blackwell and Executive Chef Jay Huang. Yep, every month a surprise waiting for you, on repeat.

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