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Psychedelic J-Pop Sushi All About Japan
    Orange Range is a well-known, five-member Japanese rock band formed in Okinawa in 2001. Their music video for “Sushi Tabetai” (lit. “I want to eat sushi”), which appears on their 10th album, fittingly called Ten, has received over half a million views since being uploaded to YouTube in September this year. While the disproportioned animated images hark back to psychedelic rock videos ...

Sushi BEST Jpop Wiki Fandom
    Sushi BEST is the first best album by Sushi Musume. Tracklist Soore Sore Sore! Sushi Matsuri! (そーれそれそれ!すし祭!), Sengoku Musume (戦国娘), Osakana LOVING (お魚LOVING), Yase Tai (やせ隊), Happy Cruise Kyun (パピクルズッキュン), Saku LOVE (咲くLOVE)Format: CD

Wasabi Jpop Wiki Fandom
    Wasabi is the fourth single by Sushi Musume. Tracklist Wasabi (わさび), Watashi wo Oshizushi ni Tsuretette (私をお寿司に連れてって)

Ozaki Jpop Wiki Fandom
    Ozaki (尾崎) is a member of Sushi Musume. She serves as the groups manager and DJ. Singles HAPPY BOY/ Jaa, Mata ne., Thank you Complex, Aa, Shiawase na Koi Deshita.

Arigato Arigato Jpop Wiki Fandom
    Arigato Arigato is the fifth single by Sushi Musume. Tracklist Arigato Arigato (ありがとあがりと), Mirror Ball (ミラーボール), Fashion GirlGenre: J-pop

Sushi Pop East Japanese/Sushi, Noodles, Pan-Asian ...
    Sushi sparkles at this colorful J-pop-themed sup spot by Faiyaz Kara; Mar 10, 2011; Menu Miso Soup. soy bean soup with tofu, scallions, wakame seaweed and shitake mushrooms. 3.00 ...

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