How To Make A Modelof Sushi

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Make Sushi at Home With These 6 Tools Epicurious
    A sharp knife is vital to sushi-making: You'll use it to portion raw fish, precisely cut other filling ingredients, and slice the finished roll into pieces. Haraguchi's go-to is a gyuto knife from ...Author: Kendra Vaculin

How to Make Sushi (with Pictures) - wikiHow
    Feb 07, 2007 · Forming the Roll 1. Lay 1 piece of nori onto a bamboo mat. Arrange a bamboo mat onto a flat surface, where you’ll be able to assemble all... 2. Layer ½ to 1 cup (100-200 g) of sushi rice over the nori sheet. Moisten your fingertips with cool water so the rice... 3. Arrange your ingredients ...92%(13)

How To: Step-by-Step Sushi at Home - YouTube
    Dec 23, 2009 · Making sushi is easier than you think — just check out Kikkoman's easy-to-follow sushi technique and get rolling! Follow these steps for making a traditional norimaki with pickled vegetables and ...Author: KikkomanUSA

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