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125 Unique Japanese Restaurant Name Ideas - Sushi On!
    Sushi Restaurant Names. FYI – If you are interested in opening a restaurant read my detailed list of restaurant startup costs for equipment, rent, food, and marketing here. Sushi is more popular in the USA and Canada than it is in Japan. Serving cold rice dressed with vinegar, formed into various shapes, and garnished with raw seafood or vegetables.

51 Great Catchy Sushi Restaurant Slogans -
    Apr 04, 2019 · 51 Great Catchy Sushi Restaurant Slogans Apr 4, 2019 Apr 30, 2017 by Brandon Gaille Making your business stand out from the crowd can be difficult, but a good slogan may be the answer.

60 Sushi restaurant name possibilities - US Virgin Islands ...
    F-22 Raptor Sushi :-) flying fish sushi restaurant. Fresh. Godzilla in Paradise. Harakiri Sushi. Honda Sushi. House of Bamboo. House of Godzilla. I Left My Fish In San Francisco Sushi.

44 Greatest Names for Sushi Rolls Food, Homemade sushi ...
    44 Greatest Names for Sushi Rolls. My Sushi Sushi Love Best Sushi Sushi Art Japanese Street Food Japanese Sushi Sushi Rolls Names Sushi Recipes Cooking Recipes. ... A simple, no fuss way to make sushi at home without a mat. 30 minutes from start to finish. Yum. Minimalist Baker my kitchen creations.

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