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45 Cute And Creative Pieces Of Sushi Art Bored Panda
    For the creative mind, anything can be made into art – even a dish as specific and traditional as sushi. Purists might say that sushi is already an art form, and they're right, but we think that these creative reinterpretations of this deeply traditional are amazing pieces of (very edible and delicious) art.

The 7 Most Creative Sushi Rolls You Will Ever See ...
    Fruit sushi is a super fun DIY and of course, delicious. You can add berries, mango, citrus, banana, kiwi. Seriously, anything you want. Combine your fruity flavors and roll them up in some sweet sticky rice for an adorable treat. Image Credit: Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking.

Creative Sushi Filling Ideas? Serious Eats Talk
    Creative Sushi Filling Ideas? Andrea Lynn. I'm having people over for some sushi making. What are some creative filling ideas for homemade sushi roll? I'm looking for both traditional and non-traditional (I was thinking of maybe something like a blt roll). I'd love some ideas! HIDE COMMENTS.

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