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    With its wide gear range and comfortable, smooth rolling Fatboy tires to tackle a terrain big and small, plus the highly functional Pizza Rack for ample stowage space, the AWOL is …BOTTOM BRACKET: FSA MegaExo

Rack Hack: Specialized Pizza Rack & Nashbar Waterproof ...
    May 04, 2017 · Others of us enjoy the quirky nature of the rack from it’s goofy name down to the functionality of a wide platform. I fall into the latter camp. The Specialized Pizza Rack is the perfect platform for my wife to sit on to ride along on adventures…just kidding.

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    Looking for some advice regrading the rack that comes on the front of the Awol. I really want to get one for my straggler but will it fit?? By the looks of it the mid fork bolts are adjustable? Does anyone else have any experience mounting it to bikes that aren't the awol? The rack just looks perfect for what I need and I cant seem to see any others like it on the market.

Pizza Rack
    The Pizza Rack was designed to be a stout companion piece to any around-town commuter or touring rig. It can hold sizeable cargo, up to 15 kilograms (33lbs), rather comfortably. And knowing that most people are always looking for extra storage space, we also made sure that it can accommodate any side panniers with hooks that fit on 13mm or larger rails.Brand: Specialized Bicycle Components

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    Outdoors company Poler have teamed up with renown bicycle maker Specialized for a special edition of their AWOL model. The adventurous ride is is an off road touring machine, and comes equipped with a custom front Pizza rack and Poler panniers, plus

specialized awol front rack "pizza rack" (page 4) LFGSS
    Im currently touring in Asia with a pizza rack with two ortlieb frontrollers and a drybag on top. It looks really cool but I don't like that the weight of the panniers is higher and more forward compared to the tubus lowriders I used before.

Erik’s Awol x Poler Outback Tourer - The Radavist
    Aug 29, 2014 · You've seen this bike before, you just thought it was a one-off paint job. Back when Erik rode the Transcontinental Race, he used a Poler Camera Cooler for a bar bag, prompting Benji from Poler to reach out to Erik - Benji pays attention to what's going on in the cycling world... For instance, these panniers have been in the works for a while.

The AWOL x Poler Touring Bike and Panniers are in Stock ...
    Sep 05, 2014 · Check out the Poler Adventure post on the Oregon Outback Well, the AWOL x Poler touring bikes are hitting the shelves of your local Specialized dealers today. Ordering is simple: contact your local dealer and order direct. The bikes will arrive within a week. Select international countries will also be able to order the bikes, call your local dealer to confirm. Poler is selling the panniers in ...

Hey guys! Is the Awol Pizza Rack available to...
    Hey guys! Is the Awol Pizza Rack available to purchase separately or add as an extra to an Awol Comp? / Hi. We're currently out field testing some development we did on the Pizza Rack. Will be back...

Tumblr - May These Quiet Hills Bring Peace
    RUST AWOL 005. tRUST ME, I’M A DESIGNER. The project was crowned with a Brooks Cambium rust saddle and bar tape where the fabric matches the bike and the vulcanized rubber matches the tan wall tires nicely. As a last step I gave the Supernova headlamp and the Tubus rack a kiss of iron oxide.

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