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    the 12 sushi commandments. 1. Thou Shalt Not Drown Thy Sushi You ordered sushi because you like the delicate and diverse flavors of raw fish, right? Submerging a piece of sushi in soy sauce kills the very taste of the fish that you have ordered — and in essence renders the differences between the $15 budget plate and the $150 omakase moot.

What Is Tobiko And What's Up With The Different Colors ...

    Apr 19, 2013 · You head to your local sushi joint for the second consecutive night and, disregarding our 12 sushi commandments, order an exotic-sounding roll. Among the ingredients listed in the roll is “tobiko,” Japanese for flying fish roe, often sprinkled on the top of assorted dishes as garnish. When the Green Dragon roll reaches the table, you do a double-take: the …

Anthony Bourdain Has Something To Say About Our 12 Sushi ...

    Jul 10, 2012 · Yesterday we dropped our 12 Sushi Commandments to live by. Well, 12 Commandments to enjoy eating sushi by. Here are some examples: 6. Avoid the Insane Green Racoon Roll You’re not going to find any top quality sushi restaurants serving “Spicy Mexican” or “Crazy Dragon” rolls. That goes for any rolls named after American states, too.

The Ten ‘Commandments’ of Sushi. Or, why a smelly, low ...

    Apr 01, 2015 · My first lunch at Yajima Sushi, in Tokyo, felt more like a kidnapping. There were open spots at the counter. But the chef, Susumu Yajima, …

What Is Imitation Crab? - Food Republic

    Feb 28, 2013 · Ever order a California roll? Well, for one, that tells us that you’ve probably never read our 12 Sushi Commandments. But it also means that you have experienced the wonder that is imitation crab. It’s not every day that you come across a food with the word “imitation” regularly preceding it, but that is precisely what is going on here with crab stick, readily …

Why Is Sushi Ginger Pink? - Food Republic

    Feb 21, 2013 · Thanks to our 12 Sushi Commandments, you know how and why to eat gari, the pickled ginger that comes with your sushi. Ever wonder why some of it sports a pink tint and some a more natural-looking beige? Prepare to be amazed. Because it looks nice! Yes, presentation is one of the pillars of sushi culture. That’s why you can spend $5 on a ...

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    Nov 19, 2012 · The 12 Sushi Commandments; You Might Also Like. Pair Riesling With Spicy Foods To Combat The Summe... Chef Masa Went Truffle Hunting In Italy, Fished Fo... Meet The Guys From Fung Tu, An Authentically Ameri... Chefs Of The World Unite In…Estonia? Meditating While Eating: Shave Off A Few Pounds, B... Tags: africa; eating ...

3 Simple Ways to Order Sushi - wikiHow

    Sep 26, 2019 · Sit at the sushi bar when you want to order sushi. Most modern restaurants serving sushi have a bar area separate from the rest of the dining room. Consider the bar to be the best seat in the house. Sushi chefs work behind the bar, so, when you’re sitting there, you can talk to them and watch them work.Views: 1.6K


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