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100 yen(cheap) sushi bars in Tokyo Tokyo Travelers

    You may difficult to find sushi bars from each locations of every companies so I would like to introduce you to main tourist area of 100 Yen(cheap:2 pieces of sushi) sushi bars in Tokyo. There are cheap sushi chain restaurants such as Hama Zushi,Kura Sushi,Sushiro,Kappa Sushi,Genki Sushi and Uobei in Japan.

Where are the 100 yen sushi bar in Tokyo? - Tokyo Forum ...

    On your right side is a sushi-go round where EVERTYTHING is 100 yen! The place has rules posted at the door and there is always a long line but it moves quickly. You have like 15 minutes to eat 7 plates or 20 minutes to eat 10 plates.

Daiso 100 yen shops around Ueno station Tokyo Travelers

    If you go through Ueno station,you should firstly go to the following Daiso 100 yen shops for these shopping. Daiso sells a wide range of 100 yen goods. It looks like dollar stores in other countries. However sometimes they put a price tag such as 300円(300Yen+ tax) or 400円(400Yen+ tax) .

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    Discover 100 Yen Shops reviews in Ueno, Asakusa, Tokyo that you can't find in Travel guidebooks. Share your favorite 100 Yen Shops reviews in Ueno, Asakusa, Tokyo

Tokyo on a Budget: 1 Minute, 100 Yen - Pile Up Your ...

    The 100 yen all you can heap on tuna can be enjoyed like a game with great cost performance. A perfect dish to spice up your conversation! ... Best Sushi in Ueno: 3 All-You-Can-Eat Sushi Restaurants in Ameyoko! Ask A Mt. Fuji Guide: Things Travelers Often Forget When Climbing Mt. Fuji. Recommended articles for first-time visitors to Tokyo.

100 yen sushi - Hamazushi - Sea Change Okinawa

    Most 100 yen sushi places in Japan are similar. You walk in, and if there is a wait, you can use a machine to input the number of people in your group and whether you want to sit at a table or a counter (or whatever is available first). You take your number and wait for it to be called.

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    Walk into any of the 5,000+ Japanese 100-yen shops and you will walk out with your arms full (and your wallet, too)! Daily necessities, designer stationery, and delectable consumables can be purchased for only 100 yen, making them the perfect souvenirs for the budget-conscious tourist as well as a go-to store that is almost as convenient as a Japanese conbini (convenience store).

Best 100 Yen Shops in Tokyo! - Japan Web Magazine

    Jul 03, 2019 · 100 yen shops are very easy to find, especially in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. There are thousands of 100 yen shops in Japan, various store sizes upon location. One of largest and well known franchised 100 shops s is Daiso, which has very popular branch located on Takeshita Street in Harajuku.

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