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    Tokyo 100 Yen Sushi 100 Yen Sushi. Map ... 100 Yen Sushi. Diners at this kaiten sushi or "revolving sushi" restaurant select from a never-ending parade of sushi on conveyer belts.

100 yen(cheap) sushi bars in Tokyo Tokyo Travelers

    There are cheap sushi chain restaurants such as Hama Zushi,Kura Sushi,Sushiro,Kappa Sushi,Genki Sushi and Uobei in Japan. 100 Yen (2 pieces of sushi) sushi restaurants serve sushi dishes on a conveyor belt system. In this case, sushi chef do not work at these shops. Therefore, Sushi robots and parttime job stuff make sushi for you.

Where are the 100 yen sushi bar in Tokyo? - Tokyo Forum ...

    There are 100 yen sushi chain restaurants, such as Kura and Kappa, but the quality is only so-so at best. 100 Yen Sushi near Shibuya Station is decent, see: igougo.com/dining-reviews-b143455-Tokyo-100_… There is a very good kaiten sushi shop on Dogenzaka in Shibuya called Daidokoroya.

Tokyo on a Budget: 1 Minute, 100 Yen - Pile Up Your ...

    Hungry? You have to check out this restaurant where you can heap on as many tuna chunks as you possibly can - for just 100 yen (around $1)! Maguro Bugyo To Kani Daikan in Shinbashi (Tokyo’s east side) is a shop offering a unique and crazily great cost performance menu. We tried out the challenge where you can pile on as much tuna within one minute!

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