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    100 Yen Sushi House 100 Yen Sushi House is exactly the showcase of Japanese productivity, which is a famous sushi restaurant in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo. 100 Yen Sushi House utilizes ‘just-in-time’ and total quality control systems to prepare food and serve customers to improve productivity in the workplace.

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    Hama Sushi (はま寿司) I think that the cheapest sushi bar on a conveyor belt system in Japan. Hama Sushi serves sushi dishes for 108 yen(inc. tax) like other sushi restaurants on weekends and holidays, and also 97 yen(inc. tax) per dish on weekdays(but it is only a few shops in Tokyo).

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    How has the 100 Yen Sushi House incorporated the just-in-time system into its operation? Instead of increasing refrigerator capacity by purchasing new refrigeration systems, they made an agreement with fish vendors to deliver fresh fish several time a day. This made the inventory system simple and cost minimum. 100 Yen Sushi House - Case Study

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    We tock the famous 100 Yen Sushi House, in the Shinzuku area of counters and were promptly served with a veats at the cup of Misoshiru Tokyo. Sushi is the most popular snack in Japan.

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    What features of the 100 Yen Sushi House service delivery system differentiate it from the competition, and what competitive advantages do they offer?100 Yen Sushi House or what we called it “Sushi Go Around” when I spent some time in Japan. They run their business like family; employees and customers alike are treated like family.

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    Even though there are numerous fast food restaurants in Japan critics reveal that 100 Yen Sushi House has developed a unique brand. It is distinguished as the “Most Productive Operation in Japan”. Customers are included in the production of food. Customer activity also determines the flow of business and the delivery process.

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    The menu ranging from authentic sushi to creative ones offers about 80 varieties of delicious dishes priced mainly at 100 yen (+tax) The extensive side menu lineup includes tempura, ramen, udon noodle and even desserts

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    Nov 10, 2011 · Amazing Japanese Dollar (100 yen) Store! DAISO 日本のダイソー最高です - Duration: ... 100 Yen Sushi Restaurant - Yokosuka, Japan - Duration: 0:27. Annabel Lee Enriquez 639 views. 0:27.

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